Test a surface and instantly see if you're painting over water-based or oil-based paint! It only takes a few seconds!

Also great for:

- Removing paint runs and spits in latex paint

- Cleaning water-based spray equipment 

- Removing latex paint from clothes and glass

- Removing tape residue

Tru-Swipe is a inexpensive, easy and accurate way to test for oil based or water based paints. Why would you need to know this? Well, water based paint simply does not adhered to new or aged oil based paint. Resulting in adhesion failure, that will leave you with surfaces that have excessive peeling paint and costly remedies. So, CHECK IT BEFORE YOU WRECK IT!

After the ban of lead based paint in 1979, oil based paints were dominate in the painting industry. Flash forward 20 years, mix in the EPA and new/required lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations. Then add exceptional growth for water based paint technology and your slammed with one serious problem. Adhesion issues with all new paints available. Tru-swipe is the answer to see if sanding and priming is necessary to prevent paint failure!

Never again make the costly mistake of painting water based paints over oil based paint. Never pay or perform the same project twice. Never spend twice the amount of money on materials when you could have checked it before you wrecked it!

Trusted tint room tool!

Trusted tint room tool!

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